Hawk Hill

Row 1

Conzelman Rd
Marin Headlands, CA 94941

Foursquare Tips

  • To get the bridge with the city of San Francisco in the background, pull over about half way up Conzelman Road. There's one spot where the Trans America Pyramid lines up with the North Tower.
  • Bring your musical instrument and try some listening experiments! Or, grab sticks & rocks, and bang inside and outside the tunnel. What sounds do you notice? See more experiments at Hawk Hill Tunnel:
  • If mother nature will be kind to you and the fog will dissolve this is the best view point on the golden gate and bay area by far!!!
  • the short tunnel after the long tunnel has a dark & mysterious room perfect for making musiccomplete with graffiti mandalas and faces from the deep
  • Feel the burn!
  • Amazing place to bring your dog offleash
  • Great view when there is no fog
  • You're standing on ancient oceanic rockthat used to reside at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean!
  • Nothing better than riding your bike to the top and looking down at the beautiful city you live in.
  • Great view of San Francisco and the bay. Go early on a weekday to miss all the tourists and traffic. And, watch out for cyclists!
  • The best viewpoint of the city/bay that a lot of visitors don't know about. Go all the way to the top of the hill.
  • Learn about the Golden Gate Bridge while taking in the breathtaking views!
  • This is one of the best hidden gems in the entire bay area. Amazing lookout at the top of the entire city skyline and the golden gate bridge. Still one of my favorite scenic places in the SF area
  • The rock to the right as you go up the hill is called chert. Each centimeter contains 10,000 years of sedimentation.
  • They have port-o-potties!
  • go down the back side of the hill and check our the military base and great views.
  • Best views ever
  • Good for looking at Golden gate bridge.
  • One of the best views of the golden gate. To get here take the immediate next exit after the golden gate vista point exit and make a left.
  • Incredible 360 degree view from the top of SF, Sausalito, and the ocean