Harlem's Kitchen

8150 Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 573-3929



  • They ran out of egg noodles and the Chinese Donut thing... (sigh...) another day...
  • Tip#1:Get the wonton soup with egg noodles (i like the wide ones, my own personal preference bith are good) & follow up with the Chinese Donut thing (Use caution: donut thing sauce splatters all over)
  • Tip #2: Simple, cheap, deliscious hole-in-the-wall. I don't know about the whole "overseas comparison" & "authentic comparison" stories on the other tips. It's really good & cheap. Just eat & enjoy
  • Soysauce beef noodles, dumplings, salted fish and chicken fried rice, and rice noodle covered fried doughnuts cannot go wrong. Do use the chili oil to compliment your meal!
  • Harlam's makes their congee (or rice porridge) thick. Scarf down this warm bowl of glutinous heaven with the addition of fish, chicken, or even pig's blood if you're game.
  • Beef chow mein with Chinese broccoli
  • Pan fried noodles
  • #3 rice sheet covered Chinese donut & wonton noodle soup is the best
  • Great little dive w/ authentic Hong Kong canteen flavor.

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