Hanalei Valley Lookout

Scenic Lookout
Hanalei, HI


  • Beautiful just before sunset!
  • In different weather, the landscape appears almost different.
  • Great location for taking pictures, worth a 3-5 minute stop.
  • Beau ti ful
  • Lovely view!
  • Nice pictures spot.
  • The scenic view
  • The view from here is amazing.
  • You HAVE to pull over here and take cutesy pictures or else you get some Hawaiian curse (probably)
  • Absolutely an amazing view, and easy access going west to east. This lookout gives you a feel for what the island looked like before all the condos.
  • Awesome view
  • Scenic spot thats has been used as a film location standing in for South East Asia in a few films.

Nearby places

End of Kilauea Rd
5-4280 Kuhio Hwy