Green Lake Park

Park, Basketball Court, Lake
7201 E Green Lake Dr N
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 684-4075


  • This artificial lake is home to a variety of geese, ducks & other wildlife. 1 lap around the lake is just 2.8 miles, & you can rent in-line skates or beach cruisers at nearby Gregg's Greenlake Cycle.
  • don't feed chocolate to squirrels
  • FYI, this is not an artificial lake.
  • Easy, scenic jog around the lake...about 3 miles. Bonus: look for the sweet old man that teaches spanish lessons.
  • The trail is great for jogging..
  • After a nice ride and then a walk stop in at the Urban Bakery for the lunch special. Today is half sand with soup or salad.
  • Run around Greenlake and through the trails above the tennis courts/below the zoo. When running, pause to see turtles on logs (west side of the lake) and eagles soaring above.
  • Greenlake ! Love to spend all summer there....hugs.
  • Excellent running loop. Can get really crowded. Just mind your p's and q's.
  • WHOLE LOTTA NOSTALGIA: According to local legend, Led Zepplin once opened for Herman's Hermits on a platform at the SW corner of Green Lake back in the 60s.
  • Great for running, socializing, people watching and sports.
  • Use good manners on the busy 2.8mile loop - it gets crowded in nice weather and everyone wants to enjoy it.
  • A run around the outside trail is a little over 5k and always less crowded!
  • Don't jog this naked... unless it's night time!
  • Rent a stand up paddle board from Kristina!
  • Best place in the city for a run!
  • Remember, there is a wheels lane and a walking lane. Get in the right one!
  • Inner path around the lake is about 2.79 miles. Beautiful place to jog whether it's sunny or cloudy, but expect sunny weekend days to be quite busy with lots and kids and animals on the trail.
  • Run around Green Lake
  • Please keep your children out of the faster wheels lane, including strollers. The ammount of people I see eat it because we really don't want to hurt your kiddos is unbelievable (and painful!) xoxo

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7201 E Green Lake Dr N (path around Green Lake)
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