Goose Rocks Beach

Beach, Surf Spot
Kings Highway (Edgewood Ave)
Kennebunkport, ME 04046


  • Make the trek to timber island at low tide.
  • Easily one of the best beaches in Maine!
  • One of Maines only white sand beaches - a perfect spot to relax
  • Expansive beach with lots of sand, but limited parking. Get there early.
  • Amazing place. Lucky me!!!!
  • There's a small store right as you come up to the beach from Dyke Rd that sells beach permits. So you don't have to be a resident or a camper to enjoy the long sands...and long shoreline!
  • Nice white silky sand. And the water was just right for early September-not numbing at all!
  • Calm water since the beach is located in the Bay Area. Perfect of children and paddle board, kayaking. It's fun both at high and low tides
  • This place is so nice and cosy. Love this place. Oh and it's very clean.
  • Go hunting for sand dollars at low tide, and enjoy beach activities and sunsets
  • Bear in mind during the summer months you will need a parking sticker, which can be purchased directly from the Kennebunkport Police Department or Kennebunkport Town Hall.
  • Go to the beach at night and watch the sunset after playing Bocce!
  • Beautiful year round
  • Low tide is gorgeous because you can get really close to boats and wildlife. Plus its great for activities. Not many waves but close to the tides and the general store.

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