Goat. Sheep. Cow.

Foursquare Tips

  • Get samples! Too many choices!
  • We bought a bottle of Polpo Rosso wine, some sopresata with Burgundy, and Capra & honey cheese. Perfect light lunch if you've overdone it with Charleston's rich food. Hotel picnic!
  • They make one type of sandwich for lunch daily. The sandwich changes, but is always DELICIOUS. Yummy meats, cheeses, baguette.
  • Excellent selection of cheeses. The staff I interacted with was helpfu and knowledge. Go in and try something funky.
  • Amazingly sweet staff. Wonderful selection. This is my happy place!
  • Extensive wine and cheese selections. Who doesn't want goat cheese that tastes like cheese cake? Kind employees.
  • So helpful here. Everything is delicious and then people working are well informed and passionate.
  • Great cheese, meat, wine, and other stuff. I am pretty impressed by their selection. I went in to spend 0 dollars and left with like 2 lbs of meat and cheese. Well worth it!
  • Mike writes the best cheese and wine descriptions. Ever.
  • Just tell us how you like it. We've got a cheese for you !
  • Amazing selection of cured meats and artisian cheeses. They'll fill you up on samples before you get out the door!