Gigi's Cupcakes

Foursquare Tips

  • I just love how they pile the icing on so
  • Pretty Princess! Super sweet &yummy!
  • Salted caramel cupcake is suppper yummy
  • The Lemon Icebox and Merry Margarita cupcakes are the BEST!!!!
  • wedding cake and cookie dough are so delicious
  • Two words: Salted Caramel!
  • They have the BEST tasting cupcake ever- the wedding champagne is soo reduciuus good
  • Yummy!! My favorite!!
  • Faux LA sprinkles not worth it
  • The Amaretto cupcake is out of this world :)
  • Try their elegant Wedding Cake cupcake. So delicious!
  • Watermelon Splash and Bailey's Irish Cream! Rare specialties!
  • A'lil TOOOO much frosting.... It's yummy but you run out of cake before iceing :(
  • The Wedding Cake, Grasshopper & Hunka Chunka Banana Love are amazing!