Giant Food Court

Food Court, Asian, Malay
Giant Hypermarket (Bandar Bukit Tinggi)
Klang, Selangor 41200


  • Western food (FC2) & Fried koay teow (FC4) is the best! Marvelous!try it!
  • Layan nescafe tarek + freshly made bun from Paparoti.. Peh.. Terbaek.
  • Mee sizzling ada dijual di sini.
  • Nasi goreng fried koay teow boleh tahan la sedap
  • If ure coming here on weekends...n seems like a lot of sure to pick a seat first. Just an advice. ^^
  • There is quite a lot of choices here.
  • Grab a seat then order ure food. Unless if its not pack with ppl then feel free to do as u wish. =)
  • MEAL SETt stall is a good choice
  • Papa roti ada di cni..nyum3

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