Gateway Film Center

Movie Theater, Indie Movies, Administrative Building
1550 N High St (11th Ave.)
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 545-2255


  • Get in your seat 20 minutes before your showtime to see Columbusland! Funny pre-show talking local and movies, unlike anything in the country... and I'm in it!
  • These Columbusland bits before the trailers are pretty annoying and awful.
  • Great theater, and great location. Glad they have a parking garage attached, as it is in OSU campus.
  • Don't forget to bring your garage parking ticket for validation
  • I once watched vintage porn here on the big screen, on my birthday. If you have a chance to watch vintage porn with 50 other people in a theater, do it
  • Use your SBB Community Card to get $6 movie tickets all day!!
  • you can pay for the parking inside the theater for 1 $ when you buy tickets!
  • Don't bother seeing 3D movies here those cheap asses keep the light bulbs below the required brightness saving them $ but causing a less then stellar presentation that's not worth your $.
  • Name 10 Trivia is THE SHIT!! Hooray 4 Boobies!
  • Really enjoyed this theater. Very clean, comfortable seats and a quality movie going experience.
  • Second Saturday of the month is Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob, a free midnight movie series!
  • Try the tacos
  • The new Gateway show that plays before the trailers is a bunch of midlife tastless douchebags talking shit for 5 mins its horrible.
  • Fab event space upstairs. Betcha didn't know the epicocity that happens there.
  • Try the Luna Kombucha with some vodka you've sneaked in your bag.
  • Bring your college id to get 6.50 tickets
  • I like throwing popcorn at idiots on their smart phones during the freaking movie. Stop it for crying out loud!
  • Lots of great food options nearby, including Panera and Eddie George's Grill 27.
  • Hell yeah eversave...$10 for 2 popcorns 2 sodas 2 tickets.
  • Nothing like shots and a movie!

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