Garden of the Gods

Park, Trail, Scenic Lookout
1805 N 30th St (at Gateway Rd)
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 634-6666


  • Entrance to the park is free, thanks to the family of Charles Elliott Perkins who donated the land to Colorado Springs in 1909.
  • This National Natural Landmark offers admission to some memorable scenery, featuring unusual sandstone rock formations up to 300 feet high silhouetted against the deep blue sky.
  • Nothing like a Free ride through the Beautiful Garden of the Gods
  • It looks tiny from a distance, so the scale of these red rock formations will surprise you.
  • Climb something.
  • Check out balance rock - you can take a picture or you 'holding' the rock :-)
  • When hiking through the park be on the lookout for dinosaur tracks.
  • Beautiful rock formations- both sunrise and sunsets are gorgeous. Took our 8 yr.old grand daughter and she loved it ,as well as a little climbing .
  • A must see if you are in the Colorado Springs area. Beautiful park with amazing views.
  • Wear sunscreen!
  • HUGE ROCKS! very impressive view
  • You've gotta get out of your car and walk to the center gardens.
  • I adore the Garden of the Gods. Here's a pic from back in the day :)
  • Worth spending a couple of hours seeing the red rocks and beauiful views. Don't hesitate to go there..check out the balanced rock too.
  • Try the giant rocks! They're breathtaking.
  • get your cameras out because the view is awesome
  • Did you know? Legend tells that the area was named when Colorado City founder Melancthon Beach suggested it was ideal for a beer garden. His friend replied that Garden of the Gods was more like it
  • Go is absolutely beautiful
  • Go up ridge road at nighttime...pretty view. Gotg is one of my favorite places ever.
  • Great place to walk around and for photo opps!

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