Food Day Events Coming to a City Near You

Food Day Events Coming to a City Near You

Food Day, founded by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, is October 24th. Their goal is to help inspire Americans to change their food choices and convince businesses, schools, farms, and policy makers to implement healthier, more sustainable food policies.

Thousands of events around the country will bring eaters together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for action to make food safe, healthy, affordable, and accessible. 

Chicago is gearing up for an October 23 celebration of Food Day including events around the city organized by Building a Healthier Chicago, involving participation from government representatives, students, and other stakeholders will gather to educate Chicagoans about healthy, sustainable food, and farmers, grocers, and restaurants will join the festivities with events around the city.

In Bowie, Maryland, the Bowie State Natural Sciences Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are preparing for Bowie State’s fourth Food Day symposium, involving guest speakers, cooking demonstrations, diet and exercise activities, and discussion.

Near Boston, Learning Circle Preschool students and their parents are invited to participate in garden, art, and science activities, as well as a visit to nearby Brookwood Farm, as an extension of the school’s Early Sprouts seed to table curriculum. And in Dorchester, the Bowdoin Geneva Harvest Festival will celebrate Food Day on the 23rd with music, arts and crafts, and the Fresh Food Generation’s food truck.

In New York City, eating at Hu Kitchen, Amy’s Bread, Quintessence, D’Vida Health Bar, or Pop Karma on the 24th will help support the Birds Nest Foundation to put gardens in schools around the city. Or attend the Big Apple Crunch to participate in eating an apple with thousands of other New Yorkers to celebrate healthy and local food.

New Orleans will host the first Big Easy Satsuma Peel, inspired by New York’s Big Apple Crunch, on Food Day in Washington Artillery Park. A Satsuma is a type of mandarin orange that is locally available in Louisiana in October. Attendees will all peel open a Satsuma at the same time to celebrate Louisiana’s local food history. The event will include speakers on food sustainability, nutrition, and food policy.

Events are happening all over San Francisco, including taste testing real food at the Children’s Council of San Francisco and cooking demonstrations by the Bay Area Dietetic Association the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market.

In Los Angeles, visit the Third Annual Farmer’s Market and Food Truck Fest in Visconti Plaza, go to a screening and community discussion of “Fed Up,” or eat at Mixt Greens or Michael’s Santa Monica, two REAL Certified restaurants by the United States Healthful Food Council.

The Seattle metro area will be filled with events celebrating food. On October 23rd, check out After School Cooking Clubs hosted by Community Kitchens Northwest, or learn about sugars that sneak into foods at the Gates Foundation.

In Denver, watch a screening of “Food Patriots”, a documentary that features the diversity of people working to change the way Americans eat, buy, and are educated about food, at the Colorado Health Foundation or the SIE FilmCenter.

In Austin, there will be a celebration of Austin’s dynamic food system at City Hall. The celebration will include cooking and gardening demonstrations, a farm stand, food trucks, and the announcement of the online Food Portal, just to name a few. There will also be events on 23rd and 25th to promote the City of Austin Food Portal.

There are over 8,000 events in all 50 states happening for Food Day. The above list is just a beginning. Visit to find an event, fact sheets about food justice, lesson plans for all ages covering several topics, food policy information, and more.

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