The Fields Neighborhood Park

Park, Dog Run
1100 NW Overton St (NW 11th Ave)
Portland, OR 97209


  • Gus's favorite place to socialize. Wonderfully renovated
  • Beautiful open sky in downtown. Also, circumference is about 1 quarter mile if you need to eek out a quick jog.
  • The park itself Is beautiful with lush green grass. The dog park, however, is decomposed granite, which is pretty gross and dirty.
  • Great new look for the north Pearl.
  • The dogs love it!
  • Waterfront Pearl is soooo excited for The Fields to open!
  • watch out for doggie poopies!
  • Sunny spot in The Pearl. A good amount of lawn, with a separate area for dogs.
  • Grassy park
  • Cool urban park, it has a fenced in play area for kids so you don't have to worry about them wondering off into the streets.
  • There is a fountain to fill a dog bowl here! Also great for hot days (pretty girls usually tanning xD)
  • Don't go on a hot sunny day. Not many mature full size trees.
  • Great place for an evening dog walk.
  • Head over to the north side of the park and grab a seat to watch all of the dogs in the dog park. It's also just a great spot to people-watch.
  • Dogs best friend.
  • Nice new dog park!

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