Ferran Adrià Casting French Bulldogs for Logo; Here Are Our Nominations

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Adrià is reportedly looking for the perfect French bulldog to become the logo for the elBulliFoundation
Ferran Adrià French Bulldog Nominations | Puppies
Carlos Lopez Photography

One lucky pup might just get the chance to be the face of an elite culinary institution; the Guardian reports (hat tip to Eater) that legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià is scouting for a French bulldog to model for the logo of the elBulliFoundation.

The dog will then be the face of Adrià's upcoming foundation, a culinary center with a permanent exhibition about elBulli (Adrià's restaurant, which closed back in 2011), an area for pop-up dinners and fundraising events, and a lab for students to experiment with food. That's a lot for a puppy to take on.

Apparently, Adrià is searching all over the world for the perfect French bulldog, as it was a French bulldog that inspired the original beachside bar that turned into elBulli.

"I will hold casting sessions in New York, London, Madrid, and Barcelona if necessary," Adrià told the Guardian. Our nominations below:

Red, who would be a hit with the donors. (Photo: Jon Jackson)

Trotter, who looks great with a bowler hat and pipe. (Photo: Instagram/@trotterpup)

Barley, who looks great with a bow tie (and also has modeling experience). (Photo: Carlos Lopez Photography)

Louie, who is already apparently the mascot of The Barber Lounge. (Photo: Flickr/Dave Fayram)

Betty, who has youth to compensate for her inexperience. (Photo: Instagram/betty_page_frenchie)

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And finally, all of these bulldogs.