Ferguson Center for the Arts

Performing Arts, Concert Hall
1 University Pl (Avenue of the Arts)
Newport News, VA 23606


  • Don't forget, it's also the art students' building. The music kids can't claim it all!
  • If you're not in a music class, don't get distracted by practicing musicians. Remember, this is their building!
  • It's kind of easy to get lost here so keep a good eye out for signs and people
  • Performances
  • Nice theater, unfortunately we didn't like the show today; "The Ladies of Ireland" but normally they have great shows!!!
  • Park in one of the parking lots instead of garage. Also valet is only $20. Use them if weather is bad.
  • Very nice venue
  • Bad wine. I'd pay more for better.
  • I saw Larry the Gable Guy and Lewis Black here.
  • Don't park in the garage! Takes FOREVER to get out.
  • The seats are way to small.
  • Sign in when there

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