Farmer Spotlight: Lenin Nyakinya Feeds His Household and Community With His Farm

From by Maggie Roth
Farmer Spotlight: Lenin Nyakinya Feeds His Household and Community With His Farm

Hello my name is Lenin Nyakinya

I'm 21 years old. I've been farming for two years. 

Sustainable farming practies are important to me because they are able to produce food for our household and community

My favorite thing about being a famer is that I like producing crops and seeing them healthy

My farmer idol or superhero is great horticultural farmers because through their production and knowledge sharing others can become inspired

When I'm not farming I like to compute

My favorite thing to grow is capsicum (bell peppers)

My favorite thing to eat is salad and fresh juice

If I could change one thing about the food system it would be the marketing system on agricultural products

Something you don't know about me is that I love to compute and farm

If I could tell the world one thing about what being a famer is like it would be that farming is the only assurance to our productivity

I am reducing post-harvest losses by ensuring good sanitation during storage and appropriate harvesting techniques

I conserve water on my farm by practicing mulching

Climate change is affecting my farm through terrestial radiation

One thing I'm doing to prevent erosion from my farm is mulching, cover cropping, and use of barriers

The most difficult thing about sustainable farming is maintenance of stable prices of agricultural products because of perishability

I did not always know I would be a farmer. I chose the agricultural life because I realized that it's the only area where I can have dignity

Others in my family are involved in farming or agriculture. Those who are involved in agricultural work are peasant farmers

The following resources, programs, or organizations are most valuable to my farm: U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, Food Tank, Farmers TV, and the Internet

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