Experiment with Pasta’s Versatility

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Experiment with Pasta’s Versatility

Who says you need tons of time and ingredients to make a great dish? One of the countless reasons we love pasta at Pasta Fits is because of the endless meal possibilities that you can make with pasta. Limited only by imagination, pasta dishes are unlike so many other meals in that you can add as many or as few ingredients to pasta to create a unique, delicious meal.

As recently seen in The Register-Guard, pasta’s versatility “saves the day” when you’re at a loss for what to cook. Whether you’re short on time or ingredients, you can create a brand new pasta dish by simply experimenting with leftover ingredients you have lying around the kitchen. Chop up those vegetables you forgot to use this week and add a splash of wine for some flavor. Or throw in that leftover chicken from the weekend and sauté it in some olive oil with a pinch of salt and pepper. Top that with fresh cheese and you’ve got a healthy pasta meal using ingredients you already had in the pantry.

Pasta’s variety of shapes makes it even more versatile as they allow you to play around with different pairings. Typically, strand and ribbon noodles are best paired with thinner sauces and shapes are better for capturing thick sauces. But, there’s no need to stick to those rules; feel free to experiment with different pasta shapes and sauces to see which combinations you like best.

Though pasta can be whatever you want to make of it, we know that some people like recommendations for which ingredients to pair together for a tasty meal. Pasta Fits has plenty of pasta pairings for using up pantry staples to make a quick meal. You can also visit our pasta shapes dictionary for more information on recommended sauce pairings with pasta shapes.  Pasta Fits also has countless recipes to explore, where you can search by ingredients or cook time, so you can find the perfect recipe that fits your needs.

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