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Let Your Slow Cooker Do the Work While You Enjoy Your Guests: 25 Hands-Off Recipes

These slow-cooker recipes will make entertaining a breeze

Ask any tried and true entertainer what their tips for being the best-ever host are, and they’ll always come back with one thing: Enjoy your party and mingle with your guests. If you, as the host, are relaxing and having fun, the rest of the party is sure to follow suit.

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But that’s oftentimes easier said than done. A million things need to be done during the course of an evening of entertaining, including executing your party menu. It’s hard to visit with your guests when you’re busy getting food on the buffet table! Luckily, there’s the perfect solution to getting hot, fresh food to your guests in the middle of a party: the slow cooker.

Slow cooker recipes are effortless to prepare, and they are great make-ahead dishes perfect for the lazy or busy host. Cooking party staples like dips, appetizers, proteins, and even desserts in your slow cooker frees up your oven for more involved dishes to truly craft the most perfect party menu possible. Plus, the ever-handy slow cooker saves you time to focus on décor, drinks, and you know, actually mingling with your guests.

So, relax and enjoy the party you’re hosting instead of cooking through it with these 25 hands-off slow cooker recipes.

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