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Ana Sanchez

For a spa or wellness treatment in the comfort of your own home, the simple purchase of a dry brush can do wonders for your skin and health. These sturdy brushes feature bristles designed for use on your skin. Moving a dry brush in strokes over your body exfoliates dead skin and stimulates blood flow, often resulting in a healthy glow. Dry brushing also offers detoxification benefits as the brushing motion stimulates lymphatic drainage. To learn more, read our shopping guide on this trendy wellness product. Our top pick is the SpaVerde Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush Set, which includes a high-quality, small dry brush for the face and a larger one for the body.

Considerations when choosing dry brushes

Benefits of dry brushing

If you've never heard of dry brushing, it may sound a little strange at first. However, this method of exfoliating skin and stimulating the circulatory system dates back centuries and is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. There are three main benefits to adding dry brushing to your self-care routine:

Exfoliation: When you run the firm bristles of a dry brush over your bare skin, it loosens and removes the top dead layer of skin. Over time, this results in smoother, softer skin.
Detoxification: Our lymphatic system plays an important role in removing toxins from the body. Using a dry brush in certain patterned movements can help stimulate lymphatic flow and help the body naturally detoxify.
Clears up blemishes: Dry brushing clears dirt, oil, and debris from pores, which in turn leads to fewer breakouts caused by clogged pores.

Bristle type

Dry brushes either have synthetic or natural bristles. Synthetic bristles tend to be too hard on the skin, so we'd recommend opting for a natural bristle like boar's hair or vegetable fiber. If you're vegan or vegetarian, opt for the latter.

Bristle strength

Bristles can be soft, hard, or somewhere in between. It's important to pick a bristle strength that won't irritate your skin, which is why we recommend soft bristles for first-timers. If you're brushing your face, breasts, neck, or stomach, select a brush with extra-soft bristles to protect these sensitive areas. Medium- or firm-bristled brushes can be used by more experienced dry brushers, though never on the face.


Dry brushes have a long handle, often constructed of wood or bamboo. We recommend a handle length of at least 16 inches so that you can reach your back. Handle-less dry brushes are also available and have a strap that fits your hand across the back of the head. These allow for more controlled movements. Consider a dry brush with a detachable handle if you want the best of both worlds.



Some dry brushes come in a set of more than one brush. These sets might include an extra-soft brush for your face and a firmer-bristled brush for your body. Brushes may also vary in size.


Some handled dry brushes are double-sided for a dry and wet brush combo. The wet brush can be used with shower gel or other products for extra exfoliation. Some double-sided brushes also have massage nubs on one side for cellulite treatment.


Depending on the quality of the materials, a dry brush can range anywhere between $4 and $35.


Q. How do you dry brush?

A. Dry brush before showering. It's best to stand in the shower or bathtub so the shedding skin flakes can be easily washed away afterward. Start at your feet and move the brush in long, overlapping strokes in an upward motion toward your heart. Use less pressure on sensitive areas; dry brushing should never cause pain. Shower off once you've brushed your entire body.

Q. How do I clean my dry brush?

A. Periodically wash your dry brush with warm water, then rinse well. Place the brush in a sunny spot (if possible) to air dry.

Dry brushes we recommend

Best of the best: SpaVerde's Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush Set

Our take: A premium dry-brush set that includes a body brush with a detachable handle.

What we like: High-quality bristle texture. Set includes a smaller facial dry brush and a larger brush all in a gift-worthy box.

What we dislike: Minor issues with handle durability.

Best bang for your buck: Yerba Prima's Tampico Natural Boar Bristle Skin Brush

Our take: A sturdy body brush with firm bristles that's half the price of other models.

What we like: Good value. Long handle. Vegetable-fiber bristles are vegetarian-friendly. Leaves skin smooth. Great for improving circulation.

What we dislike: Bristles might be too strong for less seasoned dry brushers.

Choice 3: Bath Blossom's Bamboo Body Brush

Our take: A double-headed body brush for versatile wet or dry use.

What we like: Sturdy, well-designed construction. One side of the head features cellulite massager nubs. Firm bristles.

What we dislike: Coarse bristles are not for sensitive skin.

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