Battle of Celebrity ‘Foodies’ — Whose Books Are Best? Who's the Best Cook? And More

We’ve wound our way through the world of A-lister foodies to find the ones you need to pay attention to

Gwyneth Paltrow wins the prize for best celebrity food blog.

We now live in a world where celebrities such as Kylie Jenner want to teach us how to cook. In our millennial-focused world, the majority of us consider ourselves to be “foodies, and the world’s rich and famous are desperately keen to latch themselves on to our seemingly endless obsession with everything edible. Now we find ourselves surrounded by cookbooks written by singers, food blogs written by models, and food products designed by sports stars.

The Battle of Celebrity ‘Foodies’ (Slideshow)

It’s hard to ignore this newfound celebrity food world. The power and influence these people have means that their photos, cooking tips, and recipes are in our face, all the time. Rather than trying to avoid this new part of the food industry, we should embrace it. But only the good parts. To help you guide your way through this winding maze of A-listers’ cookbooks, we’ve selected the best of the bunch. From our favorite celebrity cookbook, to the best food-filled Instagram accounts, to the most readable, and informative celebrity food blogs.

Unsurprisingly, there are many celebrities who want to be foodies, but who fail miserably at the challenge. We can’t say that we were astonished to learn that Boy George’s Karma Cookbook was a sales disaster, or that Olivia Newton-John will never write another cookbook after her poorly received tips for a healthy, happy life in her book Livwise.

On the other hand, we were absolutely thrilled when we first flicked through Chrissy Teigen’s recently published cookbook Cravings, to find that it was packed full of tasty, achievable recipes, which actually inspired us to get in the kitchen that evening. Similarly, a quick glance at Aziz Ansari’s Instagram page tells us that we really need to improve our homemade pasta skills if we want to be in the same food league as this comedian.


Read on to learn which celebrity “foodies” are worth following and listening to, and which ones can be blocked from our newsfeed.