Why the Martini Should Be Your Go-To Summer Cocktail: 5 Tips to Get You There

Bronson van Wyck helps you create the perfect martini


A martini that is good, down to the last drop!

The season is coming to an end, and it’s the perfect time to relish the taste of summer. Bronson van Wyck, event architect and New York ambassador for Elit by Stolichnaya, offered some great tips in the summer issue of Manhattan Magazine for creating his signature martini. Here, he’s sharing tips to help you enjoy your signature martini for the rest of summer.

Tip One

Everyone likes a martini (if they say they don’t, they’re lying) because the options are endless and you can customize it to your palate — briny, citrus, vanilla, herbal or spicy.

Tip Two

Martinis aren’t martinis unless they are chilled properly. I keep stemware in the freezer or an outdoor boat cooler to ensure that each glass is frosty cold and at the ready for your favorite elixir.

Tip Three

Don’t forget the garnish — experiment with summer’s best produce, like fresh herbs and heirloom tomatoes mixed with your olive of choice or crystalized candied fruit.

Tip Four

Nothing cools you down on a hot summer day like a refreshing herbal cucumber vodka martini. I like to shake mine up with soothing basil and cilantro; the cucumber and herbs cut right through the heat of the day. My Arrowhead Farms Back Porch Herbal Cucumber Cooler mixer makes it easy for you and your guests.

Tip Five

The most important reason why the martini is so popular? It’s always a stiff drink. A heavy pour of vodka and you just might be inspired to chat with your crush, sport a new swimsuit, dance until the wee hours, and otherwise make it a summer to remember.