11 Bizarre Food Obsessions People Actually Have

We’re not sure anyone is as picky as these people
Bizarre Food Obsessions

Who knew that someone could take such offense to white bread?

We’ve all come across picky eaters in our lifetime. We are talking about that one friend who doesn’t want anything on their plate to touch, or that work colleague who will only eat the green M&Ms. In fact, picky eaters are quite commonplace when we think about it. Most of us have a few things that we absolutely refuse to eat, or will only eat in a certain way.

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If you think about it, we all have pretty particular eating habits, but there are some people who take the definition of “picky” to a whole new level. Usually, some picky eaters will avoid just one kind of food or just have a penchant for eating a particular type of food. But some of the habits we’ve come across are so specific, they’ll leave you scratching your head.

This isn’t to put down those with eating habits that are actually a product of serious eating disorders —  those should never be taken lightly. But there are just some quirky eating habits people have developed over time that are particularly intriguing. What makes them “bizarre” is the extremity in which these people practice their habits. Some of them happily eat things that really shouldn’t be eaten, and others just have a very particular way of enjoying their favorite food. Either way you look at it, these real-life food obsessions are about as unique as they come.

Eating Anywhere But the Table

This person confessed that she hardly ever eats at the table. In fact, she’s obsessed with eating in bed, and when she doesn’t do that, she’ll just wander around the kitchen eating her meals. Sometimes she’ll even lie on her stomach to eat a meal. We’re not sure that’s great for digestion.

Addicted to Eating Cat Food

The thing about cat food is that, well, it’s made for cats — but one woman on TLC’s My Strange Addiction showed a preference for cat food over human food. She started out with dry cat treats, but has graduated to wet cat food as well. Luckily, she still shares her food with her 17-year-old cat.

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