16 Inspiring Celebrity Kitchens Slideshow

Step inside these stars' kitchens

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi share a home together in Beverly Hills, Calif., that was featured in Architectural Digest because of its unique design and innovative storage features. The kitchen exhibits an intriguing custom-made glass and steel display case (made for storing tableware) that hangs over their forest green painted wooden island. The open case brings one’s attention away from the massive pair of Wolf stoves, where some serious cooking must take place. For added personality, a small nook above the stoves houses their cooking tools. The room is rustic: it has a deep color palette, worn wooden bar stools, neutral-toned rugs, and reused teak beams that complete the look. 

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne


When we first took a look at the Osbourne family home on MTV’s The Osbournes, we discovered a surprisingly pastoral homey-feeling kitchen — not the gloomy dark dungeon that we would expect from the Prince of Darkness. Then, when Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne moved to a new home in Hidden Hills, Calif., home, the couple looked no further than celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to revamp their kitchen into the iconic space that we now know. The decorator filled the kitchen with barn-red stools, a blue eggshell wooden island, roosters, and dainty chandeliers. 

Reportedly, Jessica Simpson purchased the house in April of this year.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

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Newlyweds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel love to spend time in their various kitchens. The singer revealed to Jay Leno that "[Biel] likes to cook. I like to bake... so dinner and dessert." At their modern Manhattan penthouse, their kitchen is design-forward and minimalistic. The wooden cabinets all feature sleek finishes without knobs or pulls. Each high-end appliance is stainless steel, which complement the black marble countertop and sink. 

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

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In the Beverly Hills, Calif., home that they share, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield prepare meals in their massive white galley-style kitchen that features an opening into the dining room, and windows onto their lush gardens. Design features include wood-beamed ceilings and dark wood floors. Their appliances are stainless steel, nestled under white tiled countertops.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Since Gwyneth Paltrow is now considered a successful cookbook writer, it isn’t surprising how decked-out the kitchen in her New York City penthouse turned out with the help of design team Roman and Williams. The stark, all-white marble counter and white cabinets are grand, while remaining minimalistic and modern. The white French doors alongside the room are covered in flowing white curtains. An antique glass and steel cabinet holding stemware graces a corner of the room.

Diane Keaton


Diane Keaton’s kitchen in her 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival home in Bel Air, Calif., looks like a colorful art installation. Her interior designer, Stephen Shadley, helped design her kitchen in hues of red, yellow, blue, and green. She found the tiles that make up her bar — lined with antique dark wooden bar stools — at a local swap meet, and bought accent plates in the same color scheme to line her cabinets. To add a personal embellishment, she had a favorite Robert Frost quote painted on the archway that reads, "Home Is a Place Where When You Knock on the Door They Have to Let You In.” 

Although she has since sold this house, new owner Ryan Murphy kept the kitchen design similar, and replicated it for the set of NBC’s The New Normal. 

Christina Aguilera

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In 2008, Christina Aguilera purchased the Osbourne family home in Beverly Hills for $11.5 million. When she moved in, she did some major redecorating. InStyle describes her home as having "Gothic, burlesque, Hollywood Regency and chinoiserie elements [that] are juxtaposed with modern flourishes like graffiti artwork, Japanese anime, and kaleidoscopic rugs." Her kitchen displays three black and white lamps hanging over the center marble and wooden island, bright red painted chairs at the breakfast table, and a large painting that reads "Apocalypse." Her personality shines through in this space, which is a combination of multicultural inspirations. 

Denise Richards


Denise Richards hired interior decorator Kara Smith to transform her Los Angeles home into a place that she could call her own. The centerpiece of her massive Tuscan-inspired kitchen is a unique U-shaped silver quartzite island that doubles as a bar. Other design features include a medieval-looking chandelier that hangs from sky-high beamed ceilings, and sand-colored stone inlays on the walls. Large windows let in plenty of light to keep the room feeling open and inviting.



When Cher teamed up with interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, they created an Asian- and Middle Eastern-inspired home — these influences are a huge part of the kitchen’s appeal. The room is decorated with intricately carved wooden screens — this includes the cabinets, the appliance covers, and the kitchen island details. Chinese lanterns house wax candles, and an indoor bonsai grows in an antique planter sitting atop a red Chinese side table. 

Gerard Butler

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Gerard Butler’s loft in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood took design cues from a medieval castle — it even has a crystal chandelier hanging over the dark wooden kitchen island. The dark wood theme continues throughout the entire space, including the cabinets and floors. His high-tech appliances include a built-in espresso machine and an intricately detailed sink. Butler describes the space as a "bohemian old-world rustic chateau with a taste of baroque." 

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s Manhattan kitchen is modern and, surprisingly, extremely minimalist. White high-gloss countertops — sheathed in Celador — and a square island dominate the room, making the chef-grade stainless steel Wolf appliances the kitchen’s focal point. A massive vent hood creates a feeling of grandeur in the geometric space, which has minimal lighting besides small recessed bulbs in the ceiling. In an otherwise monochromatic space, his metallic woven Bertoia-designed bar stools by Knoll provide some character to the room.

Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan’s spacious Martha’s Vineyard kitchen was designed by Marsha Russell of Satinwood in New York. The breezy space features an oak kitchen table, storage cabinets with large glass doors, and industrial pendant lights by Historical Materialism. Her stainless steel refrigerator complements her Viking range, as well as the dark cabinets under industrial countertops. Her pantry stands out with massive Bluestone shelves and white painted brick. 

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Los Angeles home was decorated with an elaborate and unique design scheme. Their kitchen was personalized with reclaimed ceiling beams and massive wooden hand-carved countertops. There is no mistaking the Spanish Colonial in the tiled backsplash, adobe vent hood, and solid oak cabinetry. Will Smith revealed to Architectural Digest that "everything needed to be done by hand."

Giada de Laurentiis


When you think of a celebrity chef’s kitchen, it’s only natural to assume that it’s fabulous. This definitely holds true for Giada de Laurentiis’ Kevin Fitzsimons-designed kitchen in her Pacific Palisades, Calif., home. The modern black and white room features a central white marble kitchen island, white concrete floors, dark Poliform cabinets, a wine refrigerator, and a stainless steel Viking range with matching hood. An oversized half-domed white lamp illuminates the center of the room. 

Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Kutcher’s sprawling Los Angeles home features beautiful views of the Hollywood Hills, and a breathtaking infinity pool — and his kitchen doesn’t disappoint. The room features design details like a silver ball sculpture hanging from the tall ceilings and large windows looking out onto cactus plants and the neighboring views. The room boasts luxury details like marble floors and state-of-the-art appliances, but the true appeal of the space is how open it feels thanks to the numerous windows and light color scheme.  

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s California kitchen features some surprising design details, like gray-blue cabinetry and a beautiful black and gold stove. Her interior designer, Michelle Workman, explained, "There are all these tones of gray, and we played with that — using a bit more of a gray-taupe here, a bit more of a gray-blue there. It’s almost like a black-and-white film from the forties." The white high-gloss countertops work to complement her white porcelain sink and white window sills.