Haylie Duff On 'Real Girl's Kitchen,' Filming With Friends, And A 'Napoleon Dynamite' Reunion

Actress Haylie Duff is the energetic host of the Cooking Channel's popular Real Girl's Kitchen, in which viewers follow her as she hobnobs with famous friends, throws parties, and cooks up a storm. The second season is underway, and new episodes can be seen on the Cooking Channel Saturdays at 1 p.m. ET. We caught up with Duff and chatted about the show, the production process, and (we had to ask) if she'd be game for a Napoleon Dynamite reunion.

The Daily Meal: How did the show come about? What was your initial idea? 
Haylie Duff: The show came about after I had been blogging on realgirlskitchen.com for a while... I had the opportunity to bring the blog to life and jumped at the chance!

How has the experience of having your own show been for you?
It is really special! I'm involved in every part of the show... from the recipes to the scheduling! So it is a lot of work, but it's the most rewarding job. Plus, I get to put my favorite people on the show and show them at their funniest, most beautiful selves! 

Were there any unexpected challenges that arose during production that you didn't foresee? 
Well, finding out I was pregnant was certainly an unexpected production surprise! :) We canceled our wine-tasting episode right away!

What's the production process for filming an episode like? 
We shoot each episode in about a day and a half... and we have a lot of fun! Our crew is a blast. It never feels like work. 

What's been your favorite episode to film so far, and why? 
Our save the date episode might be my favorite so far. I don't want to give it away, but it's pretty funny. 

Why did you decide to take a more "lifestyle" approach than doing a straight, Rachael Ray-style cooking show? 
I didn't really think about it like that... I just made the show that felt true to me! 

Are all your friends clamoring to also be on the show with you?
Most of my friends have already been on the show! It is so fun to get them cooking with me. 

What can fans look forward to in this upcoming season?
Lots of great recipes, some fun visits to farms and restaurants, and shenanigans!

What's next for you? 
Next, I'll be having my daughter! Then hopefully we'll be back for season three.

Would you sign on for a Napoleon Dynamite sequel? 
In a heartbeat! I love the cast and would love to get everyone together again!