Our 10 Favorite Celebrity Cookbooks

There’s always time for a career change, and these celebrities stepped into the kitchen

These celebrity cookbooks are worthy of your kitchen collection.

Every so often, a celebrity will publish a cookbook that makes a best-seller list or two. Whether these home chefs double as actors, singers, or any other type of high-profile personality, food is a priority in their lives. In each cookbook that a celebrity writes, their relationship with food is often an integral part of the story — these cookbooks are partly stories about how to make their favorite recipes, but they’re also about the celebrities themselves, and the influence of food in their lives.

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Some cookbooks follow a special diet, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s "elimination-diet" plan in It’s All Good, where she explains the ideas behind the clean food movement, as well as shares her most-loved recipes with readers. Alicia Silverstone follows a similar cue by selling the benefits of veganism, of which she has become an iconic figure since publishing The Kind Diet.

The increasing number of health-conscious cookbooks is a sign of the times. As obesity has increasingly become an issue, some celebrity authors are making an effort to spread a message of health awareness while offering engaging new ideas to eat foods that benefit the body — and sometimes mind — without compromising on taste.

Other cookbooks take the more conventional route of following a national cuisine, like Stanley Tucci’s The Tucci Cookbook and Tony Danza’s Don’t Fill Up on the Antipasto, which both explore Italian cooking alongside their family rituals of cooking and eating together. Both celebrity families have deep roots in Italian traditions and food is a key element to their relationships, memories, and legacies for future generations.

The range of cookbooks written by celebrities has made it possible for cooks and readers to incorporate these editions into various diets and food libraries. Readers will likely have at least one of three motivations to read a celebrity’s cookbook: They already love the celebrity behind it, they want to learn how to make new dishes, or they aspire to adopt a new lifestyle diet.


Whether you’d like to shift your diet into high-gear, want to know how to incorporate healthier foods into it, or whether you simply want to learn how to cook a wider variety of cuisines, a celebrity will certainly have a cookbook that will help you along the way.