20 Reasons the Food World Loves Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is so much more than a pretty face: Her culinary school training should be enough to convince you of that

Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook officially brings her into the professional food world.

With the launch of her cookbook, Cravings, Chrissy Teigen has officially launched herself into the world of food professionals. She’s made herself vulnerable to be brutally judged against chefs, cooks, and other food-loving celebrities. But with her book, her blog, and her food obsession, Teigen shouldn’t just bewritten off as just another celebrity trying to fight her way into this tasty world. Her culinary knowledge and skills make her stand out from the crowd: Teigen really is a true, authentic cook and food-lover. Yes, she is a model, and she does have to diet before most photo shoots, but the rest of the time, her energy and passion is focused on the kitchen, and her cookbook proves this.

20 Reasons the Food World Loves Chrissy Teigen (Slideshow)

It’s true that Teigen was initially known for her stunning good lucks and enviable figure, but she didn’t let herself be marked as just a pretty face for long. Soon she became known for her opinionated tweets, her saliva-inducing Instagram photos, and her love for cooking. It was her endless Instagram images of homemade crispy bacon, cheesy pull-apart garlic bread, perfect Dutch Babies, baklava, and whole roast fish that initially caught the food world’s eyes. When she started posting her own recipes on her blog Delushious, we all sat up and started paying full attention.

When Teigen’s cookbook was published in February, it wasn’t just all her model-fans who rushed out (or onto Amazon) to buy it, but also all her food-obsessed followers. With rumbling stomachs we flicked through the pages of recipes which ranged from sweet potato gnocchi to Thai-inspired garlic and soy shrimp. The recipes in Cravings range in skill level from easy to challenging, and in calorie content from healthy to indulgent. This book isn’t a self-help manual which will lead you to have a body like Teigen’s, but is instead focused on the food Teigen loves to eat when she hasn’t got a swimwear shoot the next day. This book wants to inspire everyone to get into the kitchen, not to get into a bikini and pose in front of the camera. She demonstrates that a life of balance is possible.


Teigen doesn’t pretend to be a cooking expert (even though, thanks to a stint in culinary school, she technically is), nor does she want to lecture her fans on how to diet. Her realistic approach to food is how she’s gradually won the food world’s hearts, and here are the exact reasons why.