7 Wines From Celebrity Chefs

Every chef has to have his own wine, these days: our favorites
Wolfgang Puck on Pairing His Food with California Wine

Seven wines from celebrity chefs.

Sure, celebrity chefs can put their stamp on just about any product these days — look at Michael Symon shilling for Lay’s or Lorena Garcia working for Taco Bell — but should the fine art of winemaking be off limits? 

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Arguably, celebrity chefs may know their way around a kitchen, but not necessarily around a vineyard. But that doesn’t seem to stop a parade of toques from taking on wine projects. For some, it makes complete sense: after all, what Italian chef doesn’t love a good Italian wine to go with their home cooking? Other chefs' endeavors baffle us a bit, but we digress. From Michael Chiarello’s hands-on, small-production wines made in Napa Valley to Iron Chef Marc Forgione’s personal label wines — which feature a silhouette of, you guessed it, his signature hair style — chefs are getting into the grape business with varied levels of involvement, and success.

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We can’t say whether we’d buy a Guy Fieri-branded wine (or enjoy it), but these chef ventures into the wine business have us intrigued — and wondering who will be next to launch a wine. Here are seven celebrity chef wines.