Beyoncé’s 8 Craziest Diets

Spicy maple-syrup lemonade, salt water flushes, and non-stop workouts: the secrets behind Beyoncé’s body

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The secret behind Beyoncé's flawless body is some seriously intense dieting. 

Beyoncé never fails to look flawless. Whether she’s performing on stage in a leotard and glittering tights, posing in a bikini, or stepping out on to the red carpet in a see-through ball-gown, her figure is the source of sever bouts of body-envy from women all over the world.

Beyoncé’s 8 Craziest Diets (Slideshow)

However, Beyoncé is always the first to explain that her figure doesn’t come to her easily. She has repeatly said in interviews that she’s not naturally skinny, and that she has to work hard to keep her body in shape. Maintaining those curves takes hard work and attention. Every. Single. Day.

Her regular daily diet seems crazy enough to us. The strict regime consists of eating many small meals every day, small meals which consist of lean protein and vegetables. There’s no sign of any carbs or sugar sneaking into her everyday menu. Maybe she’s full from all the water she drinks: The idea of drinking one gallon of water with lemon every day, as she does, is enough to make us feel rather nauseous. Perhaps we could follow this diet for a week, but not forever. We certainly can’t imagine having any energy to do anything but sleep when following this regime, which is far from what Beyoncé’s days look like.

In a normal week, Beyoncé does around 70 hours of exercise. That’s more time than you spend at work, and more time than you spend asleep. She trains with celebrity trainer Marco Borges five days a week, doing cardio and weights, takes a yoga class once a week, and practices choreography for up to nine hours at a time almost every day. After a day like that she goes home and eats some steamed fish and vegetables. Honestly, we just can’t understand.


You’d have thought that that would be enough to keep her in tip-top shape all year round, but Beyoncé is nothing if not a perfectionist. On top of her regular crazy diet, Beyoncé goes through intense weeks of following the most unbelievable diets. She’s a loyal subscriber to the Master Cleanse diet, which consists of giving up all food and drink apart from a spicy lemonade concoction for days at a time; she swears that it’s easy to drop several pounds by going vegan for 22 days; and she took on an intense high-protein program to lose her pregnancy weight in 2012. We now understand why we’ll never look like Queen B.