Oprah Travels with a Personal Stash of Truffles

Oprah was caught sneaking rare truffle into a restaurant, and asking the chef to shave some on top of her burger
Oprah Travels with a Personal Stash of Truffles

Oprah Travels with a Personal Stash of Truffles

Oprah Winfrey is a woman who knows what she wants, especially when it comes to food. A longtime truffle fan, she has been known to request that that her truffle oil and salts be made available to her upon check-in to a hotel, and has just returned from a truffle foraging expedition in Italy; but now Oprah has taken her ’shroom love even further. The media and philanthropist mogul apparently travels with her own stash of rare truffles, as confirmed by the New York Post’s Page Six.

Following an incident where Winfrey’s driver accidentally ran over a woman’s foot, Oprah was seen dining with a friend at Prime 112 in Miami, and when she ordered a Kobe beef burger, she allegedly asked the chef to shave her own truffle over the meal. One onlooker was quoted as saying, “Oprah not only rolls deep in a huge toe-crunching SUV and more security than the president, she also rolls with her own personal truffle.” And the chef obliged too. What a fun guy.

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