Sports Stars Get Healthy for March Madness

Improved health has these big men ready for March Madness
Fab Melo
Getty Images

Fab Melo

This time next week, it will be time for everyone to fill out their March Madness bracket. Of the 345 eligible Division 1 basketball programs, 68 teams will fight their way through grueling seasons to make it to the "Big Dance." These teams have overcome injuries, long bus rides, and sometimes questionable officiating to put themselves in contention to win this year’s coveted National Championship.

So which teams have the best shot at making it through the three-week tournament? History has shown that it is usually the teams with the most collective endurance and mental toughness that rise to the challenge. This year, five star big men have emerged as athletes who epitomize what it takes to be successful in the tournament — they go the extra mile to improve their health in a variety of different ways.

So keep an eye on these five teams: Syracuse, Ohio State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Virginia. They each have big men who have committed themselves to getting healthier in the past year to give their teams the best chance at being successful during the time of year that matters most — March Madness. 

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