Food Find: $5 meal from Sliders

From by Natalie Joseph
Food Find: $5 meal from Sliders

Tasty discovery: Cheese steak and pulled pork sliders combo.

Price: $5.

Location: Check the schedule at local breweries, including Oozlefinch, Tradition and St. George on the Peninsula.

More info: or 410-920-1352.

Every Wednesday on my way to the gym I pass by Tradition Brewing Company, which is located close to the Daily Press office in Newport News’ City Center. Parked outside the brewery every Wednesday is the Sliders food truck, which always has a long line.

I decided to swing by one Wednesday evening to try what the food truck has to offer and quickly found out why the lines were always so long. A couple of small sandwiches can go a long way.

Sliders sells a combo, which includes any two sliders (fried chicken, cheese steak, pulled pork, cheeseburger, sausage) and a side of fries for just $5 cash. The combo goes for $5.50 if you use your credit card.

I got a combination of the cheese steak and pulled pork sliders. It was ready for me to eat in less than two minutes, yet managed to be hot, fresh and simply delicious.

After one bite I figured out why I always see the truck parked at Tradition every Wednesday during their large running club meetings.

The cheese streak slider came with sauteed peppers and onions and oozing melted provolone cheese along with thinly cut beef that together tasted better than most cheese steaks (except in Philly of course).

My pulled pork slider was just as good. It was topped with a seasoning and vinegar sauce that gave the smoked pork plenty of flavor.

The fries, with a sprinkling of Old Bay, came in a portion larger than I expected, and I couldn’t stop eating them.

I thought about going back for another round, but the two sliders and fries filled me up. The combo was a great size for any meal at an affordable price. I haven’t paid less than $7 at most food trucks I’ve tried in the area.

If I did go back for more, an additional slider or side is $2. You can add a drink — soda or bottled water — for $1.

Sliders travels around the Peninsula to multiple stops, including breweries and the Newport News shipyard throughout the week. A consistent place you can find the truck is at Tradition Brewing Company on Wednesday nights.

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