Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center

Row 1

2700 - 2750 Alton Pkwy (at Jamboree Rd)
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 757-0138

Foursquare Tips

  • Watch your back, crazy azn drivers
  • If you're not used to Asian drivers, this Parking lot is hell. Keep both eyes open :)
  • parking can be difficult during lunch/dinner rush hours, try the parking structure in the back.
  • The best place for EVERYBODY. Go green and carpool... parking isn't any hot either~
  • Parking is the worst here!!
  • During the busy hours, enter Diamond Jamboree from the west entrance, via McGaw Avenue. You have the most direct route to the parking structure. Plus no traffic in your way (usually off Alton)
  • Crazy Asian drivers and no dang parking!
  • Try 85 degree bakery, or capital seafood, hmart is a good grocery store too.
  • Don't waste time stalking for parking, use alternate lot next to Hmart - away from dj
  • Lively and crowded late on weekend nights. Great for Asian food lovers. Fascinating grocery store! Use parking garage if you don't want the frustration of the overcrowded parking lot.
  • Parking socks here. Otherwise it is fabulous food and drink destination.
  • This place has everything we like but parking lot isn't the ideal one. They should've made better pkg. structure!
  • Plenty of good eats here!
  • Friday evening very hard to get free parking spot, very crowded.
  • There's a parking garage in back - avoid the bad parking lot
  • always look in your blind spots and use your peripheral vision. the bad drivers they warn you about here are no joke!
  • If you like to drive around endlessly for parking, come here
  • Terrible design - you could only get into it from Alton side, little parking, the parking structure is hidden behind the Korean market, full of dumb drivers....
  • The best time to find parking here is 10am
  • Funny place to people-watch on a Friday night.