Curated Collections: Our Picks for the Best Personal Online Stylists & Shopping Services

From by Marissa Stempien
Curated Collections: Our Picks for the Best Personal Online Stylists & Shopping Services

We admit, if we could go shopping every day, we probably would. But unfortunately life gets in the way and before we know it, our free time is filled running errands instead of browsing our local Bloomingdale's. Thankfully, online personal shopping is gaining popularity, which means we can shop a professionally curated collection chosen specifically for us by a stylist, without sifting through everything online or even setting foot in a mall.

If you have yet to hire an online stylist it’s actually quite fun and we highly recommend it. Guests are invited to fill out a questionnaire to gain a better understanding of their individual style including colors, tones, price range, body shape and areas they wish to highlight or hide. This allows stylists to better understand each woman’s likes and dislikes—plus it forces you to reflect on your own tastes so you can feel better about tossing those five-year-old, lime green heels that go with nothing you own(and probably never will). Below are the best brands to cure you of that springtime shopping itch. 

Stitch FixPhoto Credit: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

Each month Stitch Fix will mail five, hand-picked clothing items for you to choose from. Take three days to try things on and only keep what you like—return what you don’t. Every box comes with a $20 stylist fee, but if you decide to keep anything, that money can go towards the purchase price. And if you love everything you can buy the entire box at a 25 percent discount. If there are pieces you don’t love, offer your stylist some feedback so they can have a better idea of what to select in the future. With each box your stylist learns more about your tastes and can curate better collections each time. Pieces are fairly inexpensive, averaging around $55 each, but you are welcome to let your stylist know what price range you’re comfortable with and they can curate a more expensive collection for you.

My StylitPhoto Credit: My Stylit

My Stylit

After filling out the My Stylit personal questionnaire, you’re matched with a stylist who is known for curating similar looks. Instead of having pieces sent to you, Stylit works online and will scan though thousands of sites to find pieces that are a perfect style match. Each week your stylist will send you a lookbook that highlights an entire outfit from shoes to jacket to lipstick. Buy any items you love right from the site and rate each look so your stylist can constantly improve on her offerings. As this is entirely online, this is easiest for those who prefer not to deal with the hassle of monthly packages.

Keaton RowPhoto Credit: Keaton Row

Keaton Row

Slightly more selective than their contemporaries, Keaton Row will curate a lookbook for you for any occasion. Rather than offering up general options they’ll think you’ll enjoy, your stylist works closely with you to create different looks depending on the occasion—be it evening, weekend, work or even transitional wear. One thing we personally love about Keaton Row in particular, is that your stylist will contact you directly through phone or email, whichever your preference, to discuss options and clarify any questions she may have. Here you can expect prices to start at midlevel and continue up into the luxury market.

DailyLook ElitePhoto Credit: DailyLook Elite

 DailyLook Elite

For those who prefer to shop in their bedroom, DailyLook Elite will send you a curated box every month with five to eight items for you to try on at home. You’ll have seven days to test them out and only keep what you want. Prices for the service start at $20 and prices for individual pieces can vary from $50 to around $300. The monthly stylist fee of $20 is applied toward any purchase you make and you can always put your subscription on hold if you need to skip a month. Multiple boxes can also be sent if you’re looking to revamp your closet for a new season or have a last minute beach vacation.

Front Door FashionPhoto Credit: Front Door Fashion

Front Door Fashion

Based in Dallas, Front Door Fashion allows you to either stop into their brick and mortar location for a personalized style session or complete a style profile online. Like other companies they will curate a six-piece collection for you and send out a selections based on your body type, lifestyle and style. In your monthly box they also include styling tips, shoe suggestions and a lookbook, and give you five days to try the collection—just send back what you don’t love. They work mostly with contemporary brands including BCBG, French Connection and BB Dakota.

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