Corporate Pizza Chains Remain Silent on Toppers Pizza’s Challenge for “Presidential Pizza Debate”


Corporate Pizza Chains Remain Silent on Toppers Pizza's Challenge for "Presidential Pizza Debate"

Pizza Fans Sign Petition in Support of Debate; Toppers Announces Election Day Special

Corporate Pizza Chains Remain Silent on Toppers Pizza's Challenge for "Presidential Pizza Debate"Whitewater, WI  (  As Americans prepare to listen to the candidates for president in the third and final debate, Scott Gittrich, the founder and president of Toppers Pizza, continues to wait for a response to his challenge for a debate on the state of pizza in the U.S. In early October, Gittrich called out Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, challenging them to a debate in Toppers Pizza’s hometown of Whitewater, Wisconsin. Toppers also launched a petition for a 2016 Presidential Pizza Debate and pizza fans continue to sign to show their support. However, so far, none of the three companies have responded to the challenge. Now, in a commitment to fans of quality pizza and as a thank you to those who support the debate, Toppers Pizza is announcing an Election Day special. On November 8, Toppers Pizza will offer a carryout-only special for large pizzas with up to two toppings or triple orders of original Topperstix for $5.99.

“One issue that the American people can all rally behind is the commitment to a quality pizza experience. I’ve challenged the representatives of the biggest pizza chains in the country to defend their product and discuss the importance of maintaining America’s great pizza tradition, but they continue to deny pizza fans this opportunity for debate,” said Gittrich. “It’s time that we make pizza great again. I am proud of the pizza we serve at Toppers, so this Election Day we are giving all pizza fans a reason to celebrate with our Election Day special. Likewise, we encourage those with a burning pizza passion to sign the petition to show the big pizza chains that we demand answers for the current state of pizza in this country.”

Toppers Pizza has remained committed to providing the very best pizza experience to its fanatics ever since Gittrich opened the first Toppers in Whitewater 25 years ago. His goal at the time was to change the landscape of the competitive pizza industry and to instill a greater respect for pizza in an industry that had already started to dilute its very definition.

Gittrich has renewed his call for a 90-minute debate with equal time for all participants to discuss their thoughts and opinions on the pizza industry. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations in support of the 2016 Presidential Pizza Debate will go to Feeding America, the nationwide network of 200 food banks that leads the fight against hunger in the United States. Over the past four years, Toppers has collectively donated 2.75 million meals for Feeding America. Additionally, for every signature on the 2016 Presidential Pizza Debate petition, Toppers Pizza will donate one meal to Feeding America (up to 10,000 meals) for those in need across the country.

“This generation was raised on pizza, and the corporate chains are disrespecting that great American heritage,” said Gittrich. “I’m calling out Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s to debate the topics that matter most to the pizza-loving American people. If you have even an ounce of pizza pride, you’ll answer my challenge and meet me in the name of recapturing the greatness of pizza for our children and the next generation.”

About Toppers Pizza

Capitalizing on the booming better pizza category and fueled by the passion of Founder & President Scott Gittrich and a team of experienced industry veterans, Toppers Pizza has formulated the perfect recipe to appeal to both pizza enthusiasts and savvy investors. Headquartered in Wisconsin, Toppers is one of the fastest growing better-pizza chains in the United States. The brand has doubled in size over the last three years and completely sold out three states based on growth spurred by both existing franchisees and established multi-unit operators. Now with restaurants in 14 states and with territories immediately available across the country, Toppers is on its way to becoming a nationwide brand. Toppers is committed to quality and consistency throughout the system, and plans to maintain corporate ownership of 25 percent of all locations while the brand expands to continuously improve on best practices and product development. Toppers fanatics love the brand’s fresh, handmade and customizable pizza baked in about 360 seconds and delivered extremely fast, with more than a million combinations of fresh, high quality toppings, and the brand’s signature line of flavored Topperstix and baked Buffalo wings. In 2014, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Toppers as one of the top 500 franchises in the U.S and in 2016, QSR Magazine listed the company as one of the year’s Best Franchise Deals. For more information on how to join the rapidly growing Toppers family and for a sneak peek into the Toppers experience, visit

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