Michela Mickaluck

Need a special recipe idea for tonight?  Did you know that certain foods have aphrodisiac qualities? These love foods are known to spur up desire and are praised by cultures across the globe.  These so-called love foods include vegetables, spices and other unique ingredients that are perfect for integrating into a healthy, home-cooked pasta meal this Valentine’s Day.

So, before you go making dinner reservations on this busy week night, here is some pasta recipe inspiration:

Cocoa– A classic Valentine’s Day treat mixed with pasta- does it get any better?

Asparagus– As a more high-end vegetable, asparagus is a nutrient-rich addition to make your holiday dish extra special.

Avocados– Avocados are potassium rich, fiber loaded and offer a luxurious creaminess that’s hard to find in other ingredients.

Chilies– If you’re truly looking to spice things up, try adding some fresh chilies or chili flakes for seasoning rather than extra salt.

Garlic– This aphrodisiac add-in may not help in making you kissable, but roasting it will surely give your pasta a rich flavor.

Basil– Using basil to make this delicious pasta dressing will be a great way to incorporate a fresh flavor during this chilly month!

Cinnamon– This healthy pasta dessert is a twist on a traditional rice pudding and is delicious with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

Pomegranate– The pretty red-colored seeds of a pomegranate are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day table.

The added bonus of cooking at home allows you to make healthier choices by being conscious about other aspects of your dish like salt and fat content.  By mixing unique flavors, textures and spices, your loved ones will appreciate these simple alterations to your favorite pasta dishes.  After all, what’s a better way to show someone you love them then by cooking a special meal?

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