50 Ways to Cook an Egg

50 Ways to Cook an Egg

Forgive us, but these recipes really are egg-cellent!

Eggs are such an incredibly versatile ingredient. They’re a great source of protein; they’re loaded with nutrients (like vitamin A, vitamin B12, folate, selenium, calcium, and zinc to name a few). Contrary to popular belief, they almost always make no difference to blood cholesterol levels, in spite of being naturally high in cholesterol, and they also contain all of the essential amino acids that humans need! Amazing!

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But do you sometimes feel like you are in a bit of an egg rut, relying on the same egg recipes time and time again until you are no longer enchanted by the marvelous ingredient that is the egg? That would be such a shame, so we’ve selected 50 egg recipes that are sure to re-inspire you in your egg cookery! From zucchini fritters to high-protein pancakes, jazzed-up deviled eggs, egg-topped pizzas, cheesy casseroles and more, these recipes are all delicious, so click on to discover the 50 ways to cook an egg — you won’t regret it!