Top Rated Shakshuka Recipes

 Mixed Vegetable Shakshuka
Adding zucchini to traditional shakshuka makes this vegetarian supper super filling. For a tasty twist, serve each portion over a big slice of bread to let the tomato and egg liquid soak into it. You can also save any leftover sauce to top scrambled eggs or toss with pasta. — One Sheet Eats.For more breakfast inspiration check out our round-up of the 50 Best Egg Recipes in the World. 
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Shakshuka Recipe
The name doesn’t really roll off the tongue on a hungover morning but this recipe, which uses a combination of eggs and spicy tomato sauce — similar to the Mexican huevos rancheros, though with a distinctively North African/Middle Eastern flavor — offers a memorably fiery blast-off to a day that might otherwise have proved drab and dull.Shakshuka is usually thought of as an Israeli breakfast dish, but in fact is eaten widely in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Yemen too. The only slightly unusual ingredient is the smoked paprika, which gives the tomato sauce a wonderful smoky richness.This version is quite spicy; if you prefer a milder dish, you can halve the quantities of jalapeño, pepper, and paprika. Click here to see the Eating Your Way Out of a Hangover story. 
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A simple, spicy, herby sauce is combined with almond milk for a creamy, fragrant shakshuka base.This recipe is courtesy of Pinch of Yum.
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