Colombo's Cafe & Tavern

Row 1

6487 Manchester Ave (at Mitchell Ave)
St Louis, MO 63139
(314) 647-2661
Burgers, Bar
Mon–Sat: 9:00 AM–3:00 AM

Foursquare Tips

  • Do a shot with Steve. He looks a little like Josh, but a lot more friendly.
  • Try Not To Get Mugged & Pistol Whipped As You Leave! My friend was not so lucky....
  • Josh's eyes melt my heart.
  • Alysha and Josh are amazing. Superior service and awesome atmosphere. People who leave here unsatisfied have something stuck in where the sun does nit shine.
  • You can find great dance moves by just fucking murph
  • Lots of break-ins. Go to Nick's.
  • Notice how many Police Officers (off-duty) and Firefighters there are here on any given night. 3-1 guy to girl ratio any given night.
  • Alysha is the best bartender. Awesome service & great atmosphere!
  • Lovin hard on Josh.
  • worst service ever!!! bartenders are awful, don't go here if you want to drink!
  • Terrible service. Apparently I'm invisible. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  • A round of Blue Note shots on the house! Lets go Blues!
  • Here's a tip. Try josh's. He's a great bartender and it goes down smooth every time!
  • Colombo's is awesome by the way and so are the bartenders...and Ali ive never seen you in the bar so dont think youre such an expert on the service which is always amazing.
  • Got a check to cash? Do it here! They only charge 1.5%!
  • Don't go in
  • 25 cent monopoly pinball doesn't suck!!
  • Best place to play music from your phone ...,. And skip next . No one will know its you lol
  • Happy hour mon-sat 8-7!
  • Read ali's tips. Not much makes her happy. I bet she's a real fun person

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