Movie Theater, Cineplex
1401 Earl Rudder Fwy S
College Station, TX 77845
(979) 764-9692


  • Saw a rat the size of a small child and the mongrel gnawed on my boot during the whole film. I even offered it a hot dog but it wanted my boot smh
  • Connecting Point Church! The church in the movie theater!! Good times, good friends, great God! :)
  • The XD theater is worth the little extra cost you incur. Seating and screen FTW.
  • Don't get caught sneaking in food!! You only have to go through one metal detector but still the workers search yours bags and pockets.. Seen ppl get arrested for it tbh
  • Front row with your feet up is the best seat in the house!
  • Tickets for students are only $4 with a student id. You can't beat that!
  • Have a Coke Zero and the best popcorn in town. Smile at the staff too! They are a happy crew.
  • Movies here are super cheap thanks to the student discount :)
  • My favorite theater in town! The stadium seats are comfy!
  • All the food here is super expensive. Go to that gas the bypass on the south side and get cheap movie snacks!
  • $4 movies every day with ANY college ID
  • Get a veggie burger and fries!! The. Best.!!
  • Love the recliner chairs and matinee prices. The theatre is always clean and the staff is always great!!
  • Students get in for like $5. Best theatre ever just for that!
  • Popcorn and the seating
  • Movies (not 3D or special shows) are ridiculously cheap.
  • Download the Cinemark app and get free food (popcorn, candy, drinks) with purchase! Definitely worth it. And don't forget to put your phone in Cinemode!
  • Heroes in a half shell !!
  • Movies are only $4.50 with a student ID.
  • The cheapest place to watch a movie. And XD Cinema is the most extreme way to watch a movie

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