Chinese Scholars' Garden

Staten Island, NY 10301


  • Great scenery :)
  • The Chinese Scholars' Garden is a very nicely maintained addition to Snug Harbor. It is very peaceful and artfully done. I would recommend a visit here - unexpected aspect of our NYC sights!
  • Lion Dance and tea and performance by NY Chinese Cultural Center in the Music Hall: Handkerchief Dance, Miao Dance, Men's Drum Dance, Mongolian Dance, Tibetan Dance:
  • gorgeous spot! Very peaceful and quiet.
  • This place is real weird I'm not sure how to feel about it existing and being called the Chinese Scholars Garden
  • sorveteria cremone
  • One of the nicest places on staten island. Very beautiful and peacefull. A must see for anyone visiting Snug Harbor.
  • Inside of Snug Harbor, the only authentic Scholars' Garden on the East Coast of the US
  • Great to finally take parent here after 50 years in New York
  • May just be the best thing on Staten Island
  • Very nice relaxing tranquil gaRden. Pavillion facing the moon. Table for scholars to drink tea and spew out philosophy and romance and legends never to be forgotten.

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