Chetco Brewing to Open Taproom, Seeking Investors

Chetco Brewing to Open Taproom, Seeking Investors
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Chetco Brewing to Open Taproom, Seeking Investors

Exploding onto the scene in 2014 with a World Beer Cup medal, Brookings, Oregon’s Chetco Brewing is planning to open a taproom and is seeking investors. Previously unheard of, Chetco won a silver medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup for Imperial Stout, but the brewery’s beer has been nearly impossible to find in Portland and most of the rest of the state.

Chetco Brewing is finally planning to open its own taproom in Brookings this spring. Chetco writes, “Our vision is to create not just a tap room, but a community space, a Gathering Place. A welcoming place to relax and unwind with a tasty beer, a comfortable spot for folks to come together, exchange ideas, make big plans, shore each other up, and celebrate!”

The Taproom will be  located at 927 Chetco with plans for 10 taps and seating for 49 people. However, the brewery still needs to raise some funds for improvements, which include an ADA restroom, windows, and especially an outdoor patio. The goal is to raise $15,000 grand, and you can help them out.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – Invest by clicking here!

Half Pint $30 – Invest $30 in the Tap Room and get a t-shirt and your name on our website.

The “No-o-o-r-m!” $75 – All of the recognition with none of the commitment! You don’t have to SIT on your barstool everyday to be remembered and acknowledged by your fellow Chetco Fans, everybody will know your name because it is plastered on a bar stool. Cliff never had it so good.

Full Pint $125 – A $125 investment gets you a pre-paid pint once a week* for a year.

Weekend Warrior $125 – For those fans from the Rogue Valley and beyond, a weekly deal may not be as practical. For you, we’ve designed the Weekend Warrior package. A $125 investment gets you two pre-paid pints of beer and one Chetco Brewing growler which we’ll fill** once a month* for a year.

The Half Gallon $300 – This $300 investment gets you a pre-paid growler fill** once a week* for a year.

Chetco Brewing Lifer $1,750 – This exclusive investor level is open to 20 Chetco Brewing Company lifers. Invest at this level and you’ve got yourself a pre-paid pint a day* for… life!

Design-a-Beer, Make-a-Beer, Be-a-Beer $1,250 – A beer geeks dream come true! You will work with Brewer Mike to design and then brew your very own beer recipe! You will go down in Beer History as the beer itself will be named after you. Value….priceless. Well, to a huge beer geek. (This offer has a two Beer Geek limit, so get yours now!)
*Can only be redeemed during Tap Room business hours.
**A stout fill will incur an additional $3 fee.

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