Century Theatre

Movie Theater, Cineplex
7777 Edinger Ave Ste 170 (at Center Ave)
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 373-4573


  • Buy tickets from the Fountain Valley Costco. You'll save $7.50 if you and your friend see a non-matinee movie.
  • The first viewing of every show, every day of the week is only $7. Beat that Costco!
  • Too many tweens and obnoxious high schoolers. It's past 10, why hasn't your mom picked you up yet
  • Update: The Costco right here sells Cinemark tickets. Buy them there to save dollars every time.
  • Toss around beach balls to kill time before a midnight screening :)
  • This is one of the few theaters I have been to that has amazing kettle korn popcorn!
  • If there's more than 1 person in front of you getting ice cream or a coffee, skip it. You'll be there FOREVER. Other than that this theater rules.
  • Save some cash and get your movie passes at Costco.
  • Best kettle corn ive ever had!
  • Marilyn, I have never had an issue with kids here, but I never come on a Friday or Saturday night (that is kid hangout night at Bella Terra)
  • What can be said - it's a theatre, and food prices are predatory.
  • I like it, I WISH it was an Arclight instead because I HATE the preshow crap & they boot people being dicks. But still a nice theater. I'm one of the very few people who still love previews though.
  • Don't be a jerk. Move all the way to the center during sold out shows and fill in every seat
  • There IS something at the END of the credits of Thor, not just the part at the beginning of the credits.
  • They changed movie seats from the red materials to a smoother nice fancier looking seat! Nice....!
  • The layout is awesome here and unlike AMC , the auditoriums here never smell like feet.
  • He used is AARP card and it was only $7.50 per person. Reg. $16.50 per person
  • If its a reallly popular movie like twilight or HP, get here earlyyy~
  • Buy movie tickets for $7.25 if you buy a combo at Johnny Rockets.
  • Decent theater. Come here alot as Kabuki's is right next door! ;)

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