Center for The Arts (CFA)

Arts, Art Gallery, Theater
103 Center For the Arts (UB North Campus)
Amherst, NY 14260
(716) 645-2787


  • The CFA has the nicest mens rooms at UB! It's my favorite place to poop on campus.
  • Get Sam Avery or Dien Vo for classes. You'll automatically love them and do good too.
  • UB University has a fantastic arts center, very technically prestigious.
  • Walk Through The Doors With An Open Mind : D
  • School officials like to hold gatherings in this building, despite the fact the building is housing some of the most underfunded departments in the school.
  • The grilled cheese is amazing
  • Definitely the best place to get a sandwhich on campus.
  • Great education, great performances and great food!
  • A Center, for the Arts
  • Get here EARLY for event parking
  • The awesome student employee works here on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Cafe. Get a salad!
  • Brandon's Graduation Day
  • nice place for performance, enjoy the concerts
  • The stage production of The Screwtape Letters will perform here on Saturday April 14, 2012 at 4PM and 8PM.
  • Purchase a ticket at the box office and then say hi to Mac
  • Make sure to stop by the ticket office to say hi to Mac
  • Classy art gallery. They also bring in some great talent for their concerts.

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