Cendol & Rojak Stall Cempaka

Food Truck
Jalan cempaka
Ampang, Selangor


  • Cendol dia x sedap langsung rojak pun x sedap apa je sedap sgt menghampakan
  • If you feel hot under the sun then u can have a cold stuff at here
  • Rojak is awesome!!
  • The cendol and rojak food truck has been around for quite some time. Among the best in Ampang. Recommended.
  • Mee Rojak combined with fresh Coconut Juice in sunny day really makes your day meaningful
  • Definitely my favourite cendol..tops it all.
  • ask for cendol pulut perrghh ~heaven
  • The best cendol in town.the pakcik is quite fun fun guy :p

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