Capital Perks Espresso

Coffee Shop
3302 Capitol Blvd SE
Tumwater, WA 98501
(360) 753-4004



  • White chocolate mocha! The absolute best I've ever had.
  • My favorite coffee hut! Great service and great coffee. A good pick me up in the AM. Super busy around 7:25. Get here before or after.
  • Coconut caramel Frap, hot, iced... Amazing! This place fantastic.
  • Mo is the bestest!
  • Try the Very Berry mocha-- mmm, yummy!
  • Still the best place around for blended mocha drinks!
  • Good service, decent americano!
  • Try the white chocolate lavender mocha. It is heavenly.
  • They make the best iced chai drinks!
  • Try one of their Big Train blended drinks, or the vanilla chai!
  • Great service, friendly, cheerful baristas; also excellent drinks & bagels!
  • Hi Star B. Thanks for adding a personal insult to your tip. "Chill out" indeed.
  • If they're supposed to be open until 4 pm on Sunday, why were they closed at 3:53 pm? The sign should say "Employees on premises until 4, but you won't necessarily be served."
  • Again, they were closed prior to their posted time. This is ridiculous!
  • There hours are 6am-6pm weekdays, but I just found them closed at 5:45pm Thu. :-(
  • Try the Big Train blended mocha. It is heaven in a cup. As Liz Lemon would say, "I want to go to there."