Capilano Cliffwalk



  • Height is not a problem. Only a state of mind. ..
  • Nothing special. Fits in with the other "walks" in the park
  • Great walk, you get to walk a in a solid glass bridge, there's a big river a d there was a massive Canada flag since I went in Canada's day. It rocks.
  • No est tan grande el mirador, pero es perfecto para caminar en algo ms estable XD
  • Best to go late afternoon, less kids in the way
  • Fun to walk in the trees
  • Kpry gemek gzel bir deneyim, manzara mthi
  • Scenic views that will shock you! Great place
  • This is first time I walked the cliff walk and is quite interesting!!
  • Fun, but scary if you don't like heights! People tend to move quickly over the scariest bits, so don't let the slow moving queue at the beginning worry you.
  • El Paisaje y los puentes
  • Georgeous view of the canyon. Enjoy it. Admire the mother nature
  • !
  • Tem que ir! :-)
  • This made me speechless. You must go!
  • Lo mejor de vancouver
  • We liked the walk, it was quite exciting. I published some more photos on my blog here
  • Less crowded than the bridge. A terrible choice if you are afraid of heights.

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3735 Capilano Road (Edgemont Blvd)
3735 Capilano Rd (at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park)