Caffe d'Bolla

Coffee Shop, Tea Room
249 E 400 S Ste 100 (beneath Stoneground)
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 355-1398



  • Real macchiatos, best espresso in town, and all coffee is roasted in house. They change out their roasts every week so it's always new and exciting. Seriously, this is the best shop in town. Easily.
  • Try the siphon coffee
  • Easily the best coffee shop in town. In-house roasting, new beans each week, and passionate owners make the experience here divine for any coffee lover.
  • Two words: bubble tea.
  • If you like a snooty atmosphere and overpriced coffee served by a rude barista, this is the place for you. Avoid this place by going one extra block to the Salt Lake Roasting Company.
  • Siphon, beans - great
  • get some espresso and say hi.
  • The original bubble tea is fab!!!
  • One of the better iced mochas I have had in a while.
  • The owners treated me like I was a homeless thief who wandered over from the public library. Shame, I enjoyed their bubble tea previously. Will not go again after being treated poorly. Caffe d'Rude.
  • The mochas are amazing, and the siphon coffee is truly an experience.
  • The mocha is amazing and their siphon coffee is truly an experience.
  • The mochas are amazing and the siphon coffee is truly an experience. Also great bubble tea.
  • Fantastic macchiato. Not to be missed
  • Macchiato macchiato macchiato and then some Okinawan black sugar custard bubble tea!
  • The best coffee in town. Roast their own beans, studied syphon coffee making in Japan, super knowledgeable and friendly. Also great unique home baked goods!
  • Machiato was one of the best I ever had.
  • John, the owner, is a coffee expert and very friendly! The siphon brew coffee really worth the experience!
  • The attention to detail is impressive. Almost as good as the coffee.
  • Amaaaaaazing coffee, and the owner is super friendly and knowledgable. Try the Siphon some time when you've got the time.