Cầu Thê Húc (The Huc Bridge)

Bridge, Historic Site, Trail
Hồ Hoàn Kiếm (Đinh Tiên Hoàng)
Hoàn Kiếm, Thành Phố Hà Nội


  • Windy & peaceful view early morning. Must visit when go jogging around the lake
  • Very famous bridge but really very little to see or do once there. Quick photo opportunity but nothing else of interest
  • Famous bridge lead to Ngoc Son Temple,many couples and family come here to take photos
  • Beautiful red bridge with well preserved softshell turtle
  • Its a little bridge. Nice, but thats it. Its illuminated at night with red lights. Its cute, good for a photo stop but gets busy at weekends
  • Quite crowded- take a picture from far away during night
  • Berhmte rote Brcke im Schwertsee.
  • Trn hnh nh rt p nhng thc t l cu cu lo to tng nh sp sp, vo n th bn
  • Bui chiu l ni h hn ca cc cp tnh nhn nh qu.Bui sng l ni tp th dc ca cc b lo.Cy cu c bao nm vn th,1 nt ring ca H ni
  • Nghin cu dinh dng Nghin cu nh gi hiu qu can thip v dinh dng v luyn tp gim tha cn, bo ph ngi trng thnh, hp tc cng i hc Nht Bn (nm 2013)