The Buttery

3659 S Grand Blvd
St Louis, MO 63118
(314) 771-4443



  • Slinger.
  • The Buttery, a small diner on South Grand Boulevard, offers early birds and night owls a chance to get their grub on: The restaurant stays open 24 hours to serve up its traditional diner fare.
  • Terri is sassy and serves up hashbrowns with a side of realness.
  • The skinny lady with the long blonde hair and glasses always looks pissed!
  • 2011 RFT Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Place to Eat Out Alone.
  • seriously classic...
  • Cheap eats for late night.
  • Steak and eggs.
  • Late night, no bitches and corned beef hash slinger, yummmmmm!
  • Go late night, the only pleasant thing during the day is Terri.
  • Perfect for eating alone. Lol
  • Kitchen open 24 hours
  • I love that you can get completely random food! Best hole in the wall!
  • Chowing down on my #7
  • Pork chps an applesauce. Dats swell
  • The diveyest dive on the planet