Butterfly Beach

Channel Drive
Montecito, CA


  • Be prepared to wipe tar of your feet! Come with tar wipes or vegetable oil to rub it off!
  • Great beach with a private feel, walk dogs. Walk, run or just relax on the beach. Parking is limited on the street so be patient. The landscape is gorgeous!!!!
  • Great local beach. Much less crowded than most beaches in Santa Barbara. Good food within walking distance (coast village road) and you can bring dogs as long as they're on a leash.
  • Weddings here are beautiful!!!!
  • A great place to get married. :)
  • Great view..
  • Make sure you check the tide before go or else you have no beach!
  • This bays calm waters and perfect for an evening SUP. Plus, its not uncommon to spot dolphins playing nearby!
  • Best beach in Santa Barbara, amazing views and easy parking in the morning. Great for kids to run around. Also, if its good enough for The Four Seasons front yard you know its a good beach ;-)
  • Beautiful beach. Isn't too big but very nice view.
  • Easy access
  • One of the prettiest beaches around! No bathrooms or facilities, though! Looks like they're trying to keep the riff raft away!
  • #Enjoying the serene beach
  • Great beach... don't miss looking at the Beanie Baby mansion (Ty's place) on the other end of the block from the Four Seasons. Oh, and the tiny shack for sale in between... asking $8 million.
  • There's a CVS up the street to buy some baby oil... Which you will need to buy to clean all the tar off your feet. Gross.
  • Great place to watch the sun come up
  • Best beach in santa barbara!
  • Great at sunset!
  • Long or short walks on the beach, depending on how high the tide is.
  • Great place to walk along the beach in Montecito. It feels like a private beach and the views are spectacular!

Nearby places

1280 Coast Village Rd (at Olive Mill Rd)
E Cabrillo Blvd (btw Stearns Wharf & Andree Clark Bird Refuge)
1046 Coast Village Rd