Brasii, Inc. Introduces the Brasii a Revolutionary Automated Home Brewery

Brasii, Inc.
The affordable, versatile and easy to use automated home brewing system is now available on Kickstarter

Brasii Automated Home Brewery for Craft Beer. Make amazing craft beer at home with ease. Share recipes across the world and cook delicious sous vide. (PRNewsFoto/Brasii, Inc.)

The affordable, versatile and easy to use automated home brewing system is now available on Kickstarter

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Brasii, Inc. today introduced the Brasii, a revolutionary automated home brewery for craft beer. Brasii is a versatile system that suites the needs of both the experienced craft beer brewing enthusiast and those who are new to the beer brewing experience.

"Brewing craft beer is a rewarding experience. However, the process can be intimidating and difficult to master. A year ago we set out to create a machine that enabled everyone to experience the excitement of making their own beer at home without the complication of traditional methods. Brasii is the result of tireless designing and testing and we believe that it will revolutionize the beer brewing process for not only beer brewing novices but professionals as well," says Kyle Hughes CEO & Founder.

With Brasii the entire process of brewing beer is automated in an exact and reproducible way.  Brewing craft beer with the Brasii is an easy process. Simply add water and your own ingredients or use a Brasii Batch next select a recipe or create your own. Within two hours your beer will finish brewing, then let it cool down, add yeast for fermentation. In a week the 5 liters of fully fermented beer will be complete.

Brasii Batches are perfectly proportioned ingredients that includes everything necessary to make great beer at home. Brasii Batches can be ordered with pre-selected ingredients or individually customized and are delivered right to your door. Brasii will also be partnering will breweries across the world enabling our users to try craft beer from their favorite brewery or discover new breweries. 

Brasii is connected, enabling it to be controlled through our app and online platform. With our platform and app, users can create recipes and share them or order and customize Brasii Batches. Brasii can also be used as a sous vide machine allowing it to cook delicious meals to perfection.

The Brasii is available now for pre-order at starting at $379. The Brasii will be shipping in the summer of 2017 for $649 MSRP. For more information please visit

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